Nelumbo Botaniks provides professional research, consultancies and reports in botany,  environmental and cultural anthropology, ethnobotany, weed management, habitat and cultural heritage mapping.

Working primarily in northern Australia and internationally, Nelumbo Botaniks is currently involved in projects in Western Australia (Pilbara), the Northern Territory (Darwin), North Queensland (Cape York Peninsula). Recent projects have included countries such a West Java, China and
Viet Nam. Nelumbo Botaniks has built strong links with numerous Indigenous communities and organisations in northern Australia University faculties, INGO's, NGO's and Government departments and endeavours to work closely with these collaborators to provide a high quality service.

A wide range of expertise is offered, specifically in the areas of environmental and cultural anthropology, ethnobotany, horticultural and land management training, botany, habitat and cultural heritage mapping, weed management planning, botanical/horticultural pamphlet and book production, botanical photography and ethnobotanical research. Nelumbo Botaniks operates out of Adelaide and Cairns.

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Dr Nicholas Smith

10A Trenerry Street

Aldinga Beach South Australia  5173

Mobile: +61 (0) 43222416

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Principal consultant Dr Nic Smith has undertaken  recent projects that have contributed to the establishment of Indigenous protected areas, in weed land land management planning,  in the commercialisation of medicinal plants and in the intergenerational transfer of local ethnobiological knowledge. Projects have also included the writing of field guides for weeds  and common plants of northern Australia, and landscaping and horticultural gardening books to encourage greater use of native plants in gardens and landscaping in northern Australia.
Dr Smith also has extensive experience in writing trainer and student learning guides  for Indigneous students in the VET sector (horticulture and conservation and land management).


Dr Smith is also an Adjunct Research Associate,  Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre, Sansom Institute for Health Research and School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia, South Australia where he carries oiut research into medicinal plants in northern Australia.


Some recent projects have included:


University of South Australia
(School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences)/ Flinders University (Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer). Ethnopharmacological/ethnobotanical  research work in northern Australia investigating medicinal properties of locally used plants. Ethnographic research into the relationships between people  medicinal plants  and culture.


Traditional Owner engagement with Northern Kaanju people

Ethnopharmacological/anthroplogical research work in central Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, northern Australia.


Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA)

Horticulture/botany trainer, Delivery of Certificate 2 in Horticulture and Certificate 2 in Conservation and Land Management on Milingimbi Island and Ramingining, N.E. Arnhem Land.


Chuulangun Aboriginal Corporation (CAC)

Flora survey and development of management plan for Indigenous Protected Area (IPA), ethnobiological research, intergenerational transfer of local knowledge, weed managanet planning on Kaanju homelands  Central Cape York Peninusla, Queensland.


Wik Projects limited

Indignous Protected Area (IPA) planning, intergeneration transfer of local knowledge, landscape planning, weed management planning and genealogy mapping on Wik lands, Western Cape York, Far North Queensland.


Greening Australia

Preparation of a Gardening and landscaping books for the Pilbara region  Western Australia and the Top End northern Territory.


Environment Centre Northern Territory

Production of a field guide for the identification of weeds in northern Australia.


Triodia Consulting

Partnerships in  community, accredited and skill set  training in Indigenous communities  and development of training  resource materials.


Denhamia Consulting

Production of  field guide for common plants of the Top and savannah way and for common urban weeds in Northern Australia. in Northern Australia Vegetation  mapping and survey.


Greening Australia NT (Aboriginal Landcare Education Program )

Development of 12 training packages for Indigenous communities at
Certificate 2 to 4 level in Conservation and Land Management.



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Environmental Anthropology

Nelumbo Botaniks has extensive experience and track record in environmental anthropology, ethnobotany and sociocultural ecology based on collaborative engagement using participatory processes and interdisciplinary approaches.


The following related services are offered:

  • Community and Traditional Owner consultation and engagement
  • Micro-enterprise development: small-scale enterprises based on native plants and animals
  • Ethnobotanical/ethnobiological/Ethnopharmcological surveys and research
  • Family/genealogy mapping
  • Development of cultural and natural resource management plans, for example, Indigenous Protected Areas (IPA) planning
  • Advice, support and training in Indigenous Knowledge,recording and storage systems



Nelumbo Botaniks has provided advice to Aboriginal communities and Traditional Owners in botany, vegetation management and horticulture across northern Australia for over 28 years.

The following related services are offered:

  • Weed identification, surveys and weed management planning
  • Establishment of community landscape plans, gardens and nurseries
  • Development of small-scale horticultural enterprises including bush tucker enterprises
  • Botanical surveys
Nelumbo Botaniks botanic

Botanical knowledge exchange


 IPA planning team – Wik Alkan, Western Cape York

Nelumbo Botaniks Wik